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What We Do

Why Evolve 

In a market where material escalation and long lead items are having significant project impacts, our team is focused on ensuring our design services to reduce that risk. Evolve provides an integrated approach with a focus on impacting project schedules and cost predictability for owners and contractors. Using our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) workflow for concurrent design and construction activities, the results are accelerated material onsite for critical path items and reducing the cost uncertainty of onboarding early trade partners.   

Additionally, Evolve partners with Axiom for their structural engineering expertise. This allows these activities to be done concurrently with design and prior to final trade partner selection.  

Key stages of our process include: 

Target Value budgets: The initial decision on selection of systems is a critical departure point and this decision is often made with the least amount of information. In the current market there is a lot of demand on estimators, so the better data we can provide, the more accurate the feedback is to select the right systems. We do this by focusing on BIM quantities and materials for the trade partners using Revit and Tekla software. 

Pull planning: Defining critical milestones and exactly what is needed for construction is imperative. Axiom takes these expectations back to drive alignment with the design team so we are working on the right things at the right time that move the project forward to critical dates for pre-construction and construction milestones.

Early Material orders and Trade Partner selection: Selecting a trade partner to move up long lead items is critical for project success in today’s market. Our ISD process ensures the commitments for early trade partners to achieve material orders still protects the owner and Design Builder from costly change orders.  

Steel Turn Key Solutions: Evolve Steel utilizes Tekla EPM for estimating, procurement, project management, document control and tracking fabrication and erection.  


Steel Detailing and BIM

BIM (The Building Information Modeling) is is a major component for Evolve in the building process. It’s technologies have advanced quite a bit since its creation in the 1970’s. Evolve is able to utilize BIM software to create a 4D development plan for their projects. With collaboration efforts, Evolve uses this software to clearly communicate the designs to their customers. With BIM software, Evolve can walk customers through each step of the building process including design, project management, material procurement, steel fabrication to steel erection. Evolve uses the steel detailing software, Tekla Structures, to produce shop drawings for each project. On ISD projects, we utilize a singular platform for design and detailing in Tekla. This allows engineering and detailing to run concurrently in the same model so detailing always has the most up-to-date information and supports a fluid transfer of information back and forth.

Design Assist/Pre-Construction

Transparency, communication, and collaboration are all key to saving money for a successful project from beginning to end. For every project, Evolve is committed to those values and are all part of Evolve’s Design- Assist process. The Design Assist approach encourages Evolve to clearly communicate and collaborate each step of the project with all those involved. Evolve’s co-owner is also the owner of Axiom Engineering, a 10+ year, successful, structural engineer firm also located here in Boise, ID.

Evolve understands that, due to the nature of the business, communication and collaboration are extremely important. The Design Assist process was designed to deliver a price certainty for their customers. The Design Assist process will achieve the goal to save money for their customers’ projects.


Estimating is a vital part of the building process. Evolve works closely with Axiom Engineering to drive alignment for price predictability for their projects and customers. Because Evolve values transparency, communication and collaboration, the estimating process is smooth and accurate for their customers.

Esti-modeling is a critical component in Evolve’s estimating process. We believe creating a basic 3D steel model to produce highly accurate material takeoffs and precise labor and hardware counts, is at the heart of providing value to our clients. The esti-model can then easily transfer to our detailing team, which helps expedite our detailing process and results in faster project delivery.

Project Management

At Evolve Steel, the core values of transparency, communication, and collaboration are key. Evolve works closely with Axiom Engineering to ensure their clients are updated through every step of the process. Evolve Steel is able to closely track each step of the build and update each client efficiently. Each client will know projected due dates and set due dates during each step of the project.

Steel Erection and Steel Fabrication

Our team of project managers are experts processing steel for fabrication and overseeing erection activities. Our team, along with our vetted trade partners, will ensure we hit construction dates and meet the quality expectations.

Structural Engineers

Evolve Steel was born from structural engineer, Lee Harrison, PE, SE. Mr. Harrison is also the founder of Axiom Engineering over 11+ years ago. Axiom Engineering combined their technical strength with a focus on lean design and construction practices such as Target Value Design and Pull Planning. The result is a collaborative team that ensures you get a cost predictable, fast-tracked solution.